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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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workers back w payhen the shutdown ends. but today they'reot getting paid and the impact is growing with no end in sight. >> saved by totalentrangers a e girl escapes from month in captivity and terror after the murder of her pants. >> she flung the door open and said call j911, this me closs. >> we have the bitter cold outside already. next we have snow. >> we've been watching this forecast all week. now it lks like all of us are definitely going to get some snow, enough to shovel even. >> dou and amelia start us off in the storm center. this has been a tough one toin down, but where are we now? >> earlier this week it looked like sunday was the big day, then by wednesday looked like saturday was the main day, aen t was the question of will we get anything on sunday, and that is now a y as well. >> we think snow is going to
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move in tomorrow around the miay and early afternoon hours, most snowfall tomorrow night and sundaytill some snow. >> that's why we raised our our all totals as we make way through the next 24 hours. well back to the west now, you can see how big this storm is, from denver to st. louis where they have a winter in effect.ning dallas, strong thunderstorms down there. we have a winter storm warning for areas in the pink, parts of south ern, maryland and parts of northern virgini and then we have a winter weather advisory in the pink for the d.c. metro area. and now once advisory 3 to 5 i of snow. we agree 4 to 7 for most areas. we'll break it down zone by zone and tell you what iteans for your saturday, sunday and
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monday. could it mean school cancellations? we'll see you in 15 minutes. parents used to tell kids get a government job because you can serve your country with guaranteed financial security. >> that promise is starting to fall fla thousands of families across our area. this is day 21 of the shutdown.nt the bills keep coming but the paychecks have stopped. there is gridlock in our divided government and a sudden pivot from the white house. >> blayne alexander leads off our team coveragetonight. >> reporter: we're talking about an option that president trump had been dangling for days and that's the option to declare a national emergency to get the ewall. resident said today that he doesn't plan to do that right now. instead he was to see something get done through congress. here's a reminder for you guys congress is hopelessly deadlocked. now it's sending so many people back to the sameon questi when and how willhe shutdown end? for more than 800,000 federal
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employees, friday's pay stub looks like this. zero dollars. it's a grim milestone just hours before the government shutdown becomes the longest in u.s. history. >> i was abl to pay my mortgage this month. but i don't know about next month. >> reporter: with congress sll deadlocked, all eyes are on president trump, who today took a step back from declaring a nationaler ncy. something that would allow him to go around congress to build l his border an option he's been dangling for days. >> i have the absolute right t do it. but i'm not going to do it so fast, because this is something congress should do. >> reporter: but congress is there's growing urgency to take some action to reopen the government. >> we need to do something. we need to have an end game. if the end game is emergency declaration by the president, do it. do it now. >> reporter: some republicans going a stepfurther. saying they too want border security but first end theut wn. >> let's work on resolving theh
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issuesthe president has rightly called out as a priority. bulet's do it while we are functioning as a government. >> the yeas are 411 and the nays are 7.r: >> reporongress agreeing on at least one thing, passing a bill to ensure federal workers do get back pay once the shutdown is over. an guys, today there were no meetings scheduled by preside trump and lawmakers to try to continue negotiations around the shutdown and as of this afternoon much of congress left washington to go back home for the weekend. how about a crash course in becoming a teacher. today fairfax county hosted a hiring event for federal workers. and david culver is nowin goingo oduce us to a few people trying to go from the government jobs to the front of the class. >> reporter: you're looking at a room filled with whais probably going to be the most
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qualified group of substitute teachers to step into fairfax unty schools. >> i thought if i can't make money doing the thing i do, i'm doing to make doneyng the thing i used to do. >> reporter: she taught third grade more than a decade ago and then took a government i.t. job. but she was furloughed with the shutdown. >> i thought money iasid this goes on a long time, i don't want to be puttering arou the house a day. >> a chance to use our talents instead of sitting at home ng clea >> has that been frustrating? >> yes. >> reporter: hannah is a geologist ready to share her knowledge. >> just trying to work out with your mortgage company what's going to happen february 1st. w individuals have expertise in various areas,ed wl ated as well and can contribute to our instructional epprocess. >> rter: in loudon county, leaders announcing several plans to easehe burden o federal workers and contractors.
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>> we can impact what's going on here inn loudocounty. >> they are waiving bus fares for federal workers.oc ng up the shelves. giving part parents time to pay school lunch bills. and utility companies waiving lead fees. >> this is only going to get irse. >> reporter: whichs why these workers are not letting any more time pass. if they clear their background checks they could be in a class next week earning a paycheck. excited.ry yes, hoping on friday. some jurisdictions are helping with utility bills hthere'sp with food and other freebies, search shutdown in the nbc washington app to find that rmation. within the last hour we received an update on the missi missing wisconsin teen found
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safe, she isut of the hospital. detectives say the man accused of killing her parents and taking her captive planned the attack and her abduct we have more. >> reporter: remarkable, outstanding, amazing incredible, just some of the words being used to describe jayme closs, who had been missing for three months, being found yesterday about an hour north in gordon, wyomi ssconsin. thishe individual authorities are arrested, 21-year-old, jake patterson, an unemployment man with no criminal records. they believe they targeted her. we do not know how long the plan was in place. in mid october police receive a 911 call from jayme closs's mother's cell phone. in the four minutes it took officers to get to the house they found both parents dead and no sign of jayme closs.
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somehow jayme escaped. >> it's amazing the will of that 13-year-old girl to survive and escape. that comes from the hope and the prayers and this community. >> reporter: ron mott nbc news. this story is deloping quickly. stay with us through 7:00 we'll have an update on nbc "nightly news." no further treatment required welcome news forny cancer survivor, right? certainly anyone conrned about the health of justice ruth bader ginsburg. doctors found no sign of cancer remaining after they removed a portion of her left lung last month. her recovery on track. ginsburg willontinue to work from home next week. this week marked theirst time she missed a day on the court for health reasons despite two previous battles with cancer. the health and fitness expo kicks off torrow morning. >> we've been doing this for 26 years and one organization
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that's been with us since the beginning, howard university hospital. >> doreen gentzler joins usen fm the coon center. she has more on the free screenings available tomorrow. >> reporter: hi, we're busy getting set up on the d.c. convention floore that's w all of us will be tomorrow and sunday, meeting people. there ar a lot of good reasons to come and join us at the expo this weekend. but one of e best reasons is to take care of your r health. rtners are offering a wide variety of free health tests and screenings this weekend. and one of the best things about this expo. howard university hospital is one of our longest partners. they've been with our nbc 4 health expo since we started 26 year ago. this big vehicle is their men take ten van. this is clinton burnside with the cancer center at howard hospital. what can people expect if they
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come down here toheck this out? >> we are excited to be here to offer cancer awareness information, which includes, breast, colon, lung andtr prose. men can expect to get a psa blood test and ait dig rectal exam and meet with one of our urologist to talk about their findings and get their results in a few weeks and follow up from there. >> that's great. >> in addition to the cancer center being here, howard university hospital is also here they're offering host of services including blood pressure screenings, blood glucose, olesterol, vision, hearing, a gamut of services as well. the bt part, everything is completely free. >> reporter: we appreciate our long time partnership with howard university hospital. i can't think of a single man i orow who would want to come down here a prostate exam.
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so i'll speak directly to the women watching. if you know someone who should be evaluated for prostate cancer, theates are higher in the african-american community, get them down here this weekende no appointmentssary. it's all free. and i also recommend that you get here ely tomorrow if you are interested in the health screenings and tests because it will get veowded. we'll 5, 85,000 people here over the course of the weekend. that's saturday andsunday, we start both days at 9:00 a.m., will be back later in the broadcast to show you what the "ellen" show sent us. it's very fun. >> sneaky getting theomen activated that way, but effective. >> most of you guys are alive because of women. >> most of us can be knuckle heads i will concede. thank you doreen. where you live makes a difference in how much snow you get this weekend.
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>> coming up we ask highways roads out keeping the clear. suing the president, tsa screeners working without pay. to costello is going to update with the impact on air travel. how can we break this gridlock? iuck todd
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-oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] -please. -okay. z34hbz z16fz y34hby y16fy weather alert for because we have a winter storm moving our way for tomorrow. that's why the weather service has put us inte a w weather advisory. in the purple warnings to the sout we've up the snowfall totals
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from where we had them earlier. see you back here in eightmi tes. let's take a deeper look at the week in politics. >> it's iday, supposed to be payday. hundreds of thousands of federal employees are getting paychecks with zeros on it. >> literally. >> that's because we're in day 21 of the partialen gover shutdown with no end in sight. >> this comes as president trump tones down hisea t to guclare a national emergency. >> there's new int on two different fronts in the russi investigation. >> chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press," is joining us. what do you think is making the president change his tone? wh bah rom teris he feeli now? >> when it comes to the national emergency thing? >> yes. >> it's simply, i think he's be told the reality of the situation, that it just mov the fight from congress to the
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courts. but it's still a fight. and he probably, even if it would lose, and if he were to keep appealing and hope towi it might take years. >> his track record in the courts -- >> isn't very good. he himself is aware of this. he mentioned the travel ban today when he was backing off. i think there are a lot of republicans on capitol hl uncomfortable with this theory and thinking okay, president elizabeth warren some day might declare a national emergency on guce viol and then go around congress ong gun leslation. this is not a way to solve a political fight when you really -- when the emergency is of queionable nature. i do think it sort ofuts us back to square one with the shutdown. it doesn't feel like there's an end in sight. that said, i had a democratic congresswoman from michigan on my show today, she said i came fromki t to some federal
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workers who don't have, you know -- she goes, we got to get this government open. we have to figure this out. she dn't have any lines in the sand. i think everybody went home for the weouend. these members and senators went home from the weekend. they're all going to hear the stories from the federal workers. it's going to put the human face on the missing paycheck. debbie brought up, they might get back pay but if they can't make a payment, it'sad b for their credit. the human toll i think cracks this. i think the senate republicans and t new democrats that got elected. abigail in our area here, who won a trumpdistrict. they're the ones that want to have a compromise and get this done. if they can't crack this impasse, there's no group in congress to do it. >> what about the big guy ithe white house? he was saying -- >> he could be that guy, but he
6:18 pm
won't doit. how do they get around him, though? you have to -- you have t able to override a veto. >> override a veto or fure out how to give him something that they can say is not a wall, he can say i'm getting a fence, whatever it is. they probably have to drop the semantics on the wording here. fence, barrier, whatever it is. the president today said call i peaches. >> nancy pelosi said it's a beaded curtain. >> it seems to the average american, you're fighting over at to call it? there isn't a lot of disagreement about money for border security. get it done. >> speaking of the big guy in the white house. one thing wouldn't want to talk about right now, is michael cohen, the o word coming he's going to be testifying in front of the house now, in pue ic. finally going to find out about whether or not he was in the czech republic? >> what's the impa of this? >> it's like this -- to put it
6:19 pm
in, it's like the first episode what's going to be aust, i think, crazy year in these h of representatives when it comes to investigating the esent. we have this, three weeks later the mueller report may hit congress. i think it's the opening of what i think this year is going to be about. we bring up the president, you know, i don't think -- he's a fire starter no matter what happens. he needs a crisis. he's not comfortable unless there's a mini fire. i don't think he wants government shutdown to distract from the other stuff. he likes distctions for distractions sake. that said, this government shutdown, the fight over the border, the more we're focussed on that, the less we're focussed on michael cohen. i think when michael cohen stifies befor congress, good luck trying to change the subject anymore mr. i think republicans are telling him, hey, you're stretching the
6:20 pm
bounds here of our support for you on capitol hill right now on this. ngyou're really g to need us when the r muellort comes. >> do you think it's too soon, though? >> first he has to go to jail. >> right. >> that's why the timing. i think it's more risky for the democrats to lead with michael cohen than some might thing. dmichael cohen has admito lying to congress. this is not exactly the mostib cr witness to put innd public, this is the first witness the democrats put. i think it's risky because he's not john dean, know, i don't -- it's more complicated than that. >> he didn't fall on his swo in an honorable fashion. >> he doesn't necessarily have the keys to the kingdom of what happened in the white house. i think people have expectations michael cohe is the g who has all the answers and he doesn't. it's risky f democrats to lead
6:21 pm
with him. that said, time is not on their side. he goes to jail in march. >> what about a manafort the oops? >> his little oops. >> who has the sharpie. >> the manafort end game seems to be the last piece of the puzzan before mort can finish his report. is manafort headed to jail or cooperating with mueller, right? we don't seem to know.s manafort desperate to prove he's still a cooperating witness here. >> with the plates spinning, who do you have on the air sunday? >> it's an interesting show. te cruz and tim kaine on the shutdown. and then claire mca skill is going toon com she's a former senator but an nbc news democratic alt. she was always more of a center left person. put it this way, claire mccat
6:22 pm
skill doesn't have the same filter she used to. i promise you. >> and snow is not going to deter any of this. >> to the snow you have to counter that. >> that's right. snuggle up, light a fire and trust me. >> that's going to be some fun. that'll light your fire thanks chuck. >> the shutdown will have to end at some point, right? but notre "meet the," the longest television program in history, since chuck doesn't look a day over 48. join chuck sunday morning atn 10:30 her news4. ifou ye been out driving today you've seen the salt trucks on the road spreading ou. g is going to be back with his full forecast and tell us when the snow starts falling tomorrow. firefighters now have an
6:23 pm
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reble snowstorm headed our way. those people up north aren't going to laugh at us for this one. >> probably not. i think most area get at least 3 or 4 inches. that's a respectable storm. a lot of people are showing pictures of lines on social
6:26 pm
media at thestore. >> it's a trigger. >> it's the weekend. you have to get ready for it. we're talking about a couple days here where saturday and sunday are days if you're headed to the grocery store, you have to have enough to get to that. so by sunday afternoon and by monday things should get back to normal. look at the storm, in towards st. louis people abandoning cars on highway around the st. louis area, u they areer a winter storm warning for . for us, we are under a winter storm warning tomorrow 8:00 a.m. notice the snow making its way in here. i think it get to d.c around the noon hour here. but it's going to be light. very light to start. and it's going to stay on the s lightee through the early afternoon. by late afternoon, by 7:00, that's when it starts to get heavier. especially in th weste zones, and then it picks up. if you have plans, i'm b suppos at a friend's party tomorrow night. you may want to thint that
6:27 pm
because the roads are going to get slick tomorrow night. think about that before you head out. same deal sunday morning. earlier yesterday i was looking at the comter models bringing this way down. the storm well out to the south. not much d.c. northward, that's a change nowve that we ore snow expected sunday morning. thatse why we rthe totals. you can see 2:00 still snow, most of it on the lighter side. how much are we expecting between noon tomorrow and noon on sunday? 2 to 4 inches to the north around baltimore. aroundnd baltimore frederick that's the line around frederick thinking closer mark.e 4 inch montgomery county, d.c., towards the south, thinking to 7. gaithersburg good chance of 4 ts 7 . i like 3 to 6. quantico 4 t 7. gaithersburg coulde one of the winners in this area. the heaviest we think will be back towards the shenandoah
6:28 pm
valley. snow saturday and sunday. still staying cold monday and tuesday ang sta on the cold side all the way through the next ten days. and yes, another storm, could be another big one, next weeken >> of course. >> of course. >> perfect timing. perft timing. coming up at 6:30 anger from the parents of a police officer who was killed by friendly fire in t line of duty. only on news4 we have video of the gun shots that have been used as evidence at the trial. you get engaged, you plan the dding, you have the wedding, but still you're not technically married. that's just one effect of the government shutdown, but now the mayor of d.c. is fixing that. aive look now at the nbc 4 health and fitness expo set to kickff tomorrow. doreen gentzler joins us at 6:40 and she'll hav ae
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now at 6:30 after days of dangling the option of a national emergency to pay for a border wall, president trump is ca it the easy way out. says he can do it, but he doesn't want to d it. he wants congress to fund this wall. and in the meantime hundreds of thousands of federal workers not getting paid today. when the clock strikes midnight this will become the longest shutdown in u.s. history. a 13-year-old wisconsin girl is alive and safe after three months in cap tiffty. a 21-year-old man is charged with her kidnapping and murder of her parents. detectives say jake patterson planned the attack carefullyis d
6:32 pm
shot way into the home. no evidence he knew anyone in the family. we have winter storm watches and warnings in effect for the entire d.c. metro area. ug and amelia's forecast and snow totals have gone up in the last 24 hours. gi> the road crews in d.c., maryland, and va are telling us they're ready for the snow. so are the drivers and shoppers. >> chris gordon is live with that side o our story. >> reporter: we should be ready because you know what, we have had plenty of warning. salt is loaded onto maryland state highway trucks. they will be parked along state roads by tomorrow afternoon. thousands of gallons of anti-ice salt brine are being spread over the beltway and state roa to melt the first snow as it falls. >> pretreating, it basically puts af layer salt down and helps the bottom layer from
6:33 pm
freezing so when we come back with the plow trucks it a it not ice. >> r sorter: d.c. spreadt over ice. in virginia they've been preparing for two days. >> the interstates are a huge task for us. it's important to get tho undercontrol first. >> reporter: at the calverton ation, motorists are gassing up before the storm. >> i think it'll be a 2 to 3 incher, a shell of what's to come for a 15 to 18he i in february. >> reporter: there's always a grinch that thinks our snow is a cinch because they grew up in? >> syracuse. we don't worry until it's a foot or>> more. eporter: and shoppers getting ready with a list that includes all the necessities. >> the milks, eggs, that's about it -- the brea as long as i have those three
6:34 pm
essentials we're fine. >> reporter: tonight we've been telling youyl md is offering a new tool to allow you to track their snowplows on maryland state roads to see how close they're getting to their neighborhood. go to the nbc washington app and search maryland snowplows. easy as that. wendy back to you. >> thank you, chris. news4 has obtained some new video. it shohe planning, the execution of what would be a deadly shootout with prince george's county police. when it was over, detcotive jacaon was dead. mistaken as the gunman, shot by another officer. the gunman, rosers sentenced to prison time yesterday.f, our bureau ch tracee wilkins has the dramatic video. this is video you will only see on news4. >> everything i own in this car, except electronics, eli you have
6:35 pm
dibs on it. >> reporter: this is michael ford's will recorded moments before he opens fire on the police station. his brother mal directs him to the corner. >> it's around the rcorner. orter: ford begins firhag in wt he says is an attempt at suicide by cop. but ford also fires at a passing car. he then shoots at a passing ambulance. ne of those people are shot. police asked the ford brothers, where's t gunman? they say they don't know. ng where he at, i don't know. i'm just recordi. >> reporter: now detective jacai colson is on the scene and exchanges fire with ford. his brothers begin to cry when michael is shot and hits the ground. >> my brother! >> reporter: ford is on the ground as police approach.
6:36 pm
30 seconds later, there are additional shots officer taylo krauss shooting at detective colson, eventually killing him with one shot. in court the colsons say they were told colson was shoturing the shootout, not after the suspect was down. the family claims colson was holding his badge and saying he was police whene was shot. in court yesterday, mrs. colson says, i do not for the life of me understan why officer taylor krauss killed my son. i have come to the realization that jacai was murdered because he was black. the prince george's county police department is not commenting on the colson's accusations they have a civil suit againsthe department and officer krauss. krauss was found criminall not responsible by a grand jury. the colsons want to see what was presented to that grand jury. in palmer park i'm tracee lkins news4. that is just stunning. folks, we've been talking a lot about missed paychecks, and
6:37 pm
rightly so. but there was some good news for people affected by the shutdown today. >> d.c. marriage lblenses avai again. we'll meet some of the couples that got to make their vows officials. enough snow in the forecast you'lle shoveling at least once, maybe twice. sledding is looking good, the snow is not good for making snowmen, and finally people can go skiing athe t
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
it may be cold outside but we're getting warmed up for a big weekend. >> we've been telling you all afternoon, the health and fitness expo kicks off tomorrow morning. >> doreen gentzler has been bringing us reports from thein
6:40 pm
export it began 26 years ago and she's there now. >> nice shades there. >> what's with the goggles? >> how cool is ndthis, b new at the expo this year, our best friend ellen sent her traveling cash grab box to play with at the expo. we've been having so much f. with this it's a contest. you get 30 seconds. the cash starts flying. depending on how much bills you can grabff and sn the pocket of this apron, you can win money or somebody is going to win a trip to l.a. to see the en"e show. let's start this up. i can't wait. i have to grabomecash. you guys can tell them when we open tomorrow morning. this is going to be so much fun. and i can't hear a word you're saying. >> you're doing well so far. we're going to let doreen make some money. >> i like the
6:41 pm
>> reporter: just grabbing bills. >> she has great technique. you open it up and it all goes down automatically. nice job. >> we'll let h you know she did. >> have fun. remember folks,rt we s tomorrow there at the convention center, and sunday, at 9:00 a.m. and we'll be there even in the snow. so don't worry about the sn. take metro to get to the convention center. do that, beheafe on way there and we'll see y there. up next, a couple we introduced you to last week they finally got their marriage license. >> it made it a very d.c. wedding that the president can directly, you know, shut dn our special day. >> today we got to see the big moment they could all celebrate all over again. and doug and amelia are back with one lorek at the weekend snow totals. they'll break it down count b
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
couples trying to get married in the district can once again plan for their big day or make it of. the mayor signed an emergency bill today that gives her the power to start issuing marriage licenses again. the city stopped issuing them because of governmdot sh. nicole jacobs spoke to happily married couples today. >> a walk down the aisle again of sorts. this cple met in d.c. and they got married here last month but there was one thing missing. >> we helddi our wedng ceremony on december 29th without our marriage license. >> reporter: their wedding went
6:45 pm
on. the same for this couple w se special day is tomorrow in the district. >> we have our friends and family that are going to be there. >> reporter: the inconvenience and the lack of a legally binding marrie has added another step to the process. one d.c.'s mayor is ming a little bit easier. >> that gives me the aut irity ue marriage licenses and authorize officiates during this ongoing shutdown. >> reporter: she signed it into law today, opening the door for couples to really make it official, despite the marriage bureau's mandatory closing as a nonessential department of the government. >> i'm signing my first. >> couples are thrilled to accept. >> there you go. there's your certificate. >>amazing. thank you. >> reporter: because for dan and dani, they've had the rings and
6:46 pm
they've actually said i do, but why not for a second time? >> danielle do you d take to be your husband? >> i do. >> dan,ke do you danielle to be your wife? >> i do. >> by the power vested in me by the district of columbia, i pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: and with the seal, it's official and legal. nicole jacobs. news4. they all get two anniversaries now. >> there you go. >>tu congtions. nbc 4 and telemundo 4are working for you with the project innovation grant program it kicks off today. from now until february 15th, local nonprofits can apply for grants of at least ha,000, we a total of $225,000 to grant this year. it'll be shared by a few different organizations based right here in the washington area. for more information on the application process go to
6:47 pm innovation. good luck. >> good luck with the snow this ekend. the totals have gone up a bit. they this is a more moderate impact event in our ea. high impact saturday night. if you have plans driving around saturday night. you might want t think about that because i expect the roads quickly as farly as the quality on the roadways. a lot of slick roads for sure saturday night into early sunday. here's the storm now making its way through parts of the denver area, through kansas city, st. louis, that storm system moving our way overnight getting here right around or just t after noon hour. and then the heaviest comes down tomorrow night. e the darker purple here, that is some of the heaviest snow tomorrow nig intoarly on sunday. if you remember yesterday i was worried about the sunday portion of this, would this c e far enough to the north to give
6:48 pm
everybody additional snowfall, the answer isyes. it looks like this will be far enough north that everybody gets snow. let's talk about the totals. 2 to 4 inches well to the north. baltimore, north. and to the south, area wide 4 to 7 inches and w think some areas around d.c. will be ooser to theers are closer to the 7. 5 to 8 well back to the west. what do you expect to see where you live? amelia has a tak little closer look at that right now. taking a city by city, zone by zone. >> with our four zone forecast. starting off with the d.c. metro zone. in washington thinking 3o 5 inches of snow. and 3 to 5 around gaithersburg. 3 to 6 in bethesda. annapolis a little bitigher 4 to 7. and also 4 to 7 in camp sings
6:49 pm
manassas. alexandria seeing 4 to 6 inches of snow. southern maryland, staff ford and king george counties a widespread 5 to 7 inches here. snow is likely to continue at times you throughout the day on sunday. you pick up most of it saturda night and maybe an additional inch org two dure day on sunday, this is the area we think is most likely to have the delays monday morning, maybe even a f school cancellations. check out the difference north south. frederick, 2 to 5 and leesburg, 4 to 7. and also forecasting right now for culpepper 4 to7. in the mountain zone, the amounts higher for some of you. we're forecasting 5 to 8 inches of snow falling.os again, of this is going to be falling saturday night. and then some minor additional accumulation on sunday, especiallyuring the first half
6:50 pm
of the day. 4 to 7 in winchester and mb land. hagerstown, some of the low 2amounts at about to 5. >> we've been talking about the ski eyresorts. ave been not been good as far as skiing the last couple weeks. but we think the next few weeks it'll be better. liberty opening today, whi tail opening more trails. i'll be heading out skiing satuay, taking the kids up tomorrow early before the snow starts ande back h for a 4:00 basketball game. sunday we'll be down there at the convention center. we have the health anditness expo saturday and sunday. saturday looking t okayvel with wise. sunday heading down, take metro. that's the way to get around. specially early on sunday. by afternoonday most of the roads in d.c. should be okay. if you are a skier like me, want to continue that, you have colder weather they'll through next week. take a look at next saturday and
6:51 pm
sunday, another storm, couldrme a big s for us. maybe a big winter storm. we'll tsk about that we get closer to the event. we're starting what i think is a trngd here, g from a warm pattern we've seen to a colder and stormier pattern meaniow yes, more t the end of the january into february. >> you want to say youalled it. you did. you did. we'l give it to you. >> it's got to happen first. maryland, winners of four straight hosting indiana tonight. first, here's tom costello to tell us what he's workingn for nbc "nightly news." >> reporter: good afternoon at reagan nationaor ai the tsa officers on the job today nationwide did not get a paycheck today. the pay stub said zero dolls. 51,000 tsa officers across the country. not just them, 13,000 air traffic controllers, and 13,000
6:52 pm
fbi agents going without y. fda food inspectors off the job, ntsb cra investigators off the job. as families try to determine how are they going t to pay mortgage, the rent, for
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> it looks like luck may be on the wizard'sside. they're playing without their star. he is sufring bumps and bro bruises and will not play tonight. wizards have w two of their last three games overall. it also marks the first time jason smith returns tohe t place
6:56 pm
he once called home. clearly the love is still there between smith and some of his formteammates. earlier we broke down what make it isks so dangerous. >> one night we didn't get our feet in the int. the next night i think we 74ched the paint offensively times. we have to do that, we have to get our feet in the paint and not only b score kick out for wide open shooters. when we do that, we'regood. but we have to stop this team. this team has a lot oflo eve scorers that can score a bunch. i think they have four guys over 15 points a game and one guy 12 in their starting guys. the indiana hoosiers paying a visit to the xfinity center this evening. this is the third time a ranked appointment faced maryland this season. a great start has the terps
6:57 pm
boasting a winning record. closing the game on a 13-2 runra aftering at the half, being down by as many as seven in the second half. the last two wins have come on the road and they seem eager to g some of that winning energy home tonight. >> just help us stay focussed, you know, a just keep doing the things we're doing and keep getting better. as a team we talk about getting better a lot. >> we want to lock in and play our game. how we play, how repractice. coach has been doing a great job making sure we ready. and instilling that trust and confidence in us to go out and execute what we need to. last night the caps continued their dominance over boston, winning their4 1 straight games against the bruins. aleco chef kin scored twice. but there was a side story that
6:58 pm
took center ice. open night marchand fought eler and got the bes of him, last night eler tried a rematch but marchand refused. >> he obviously didn't want any part of it. everybody saw. i wouldave fought him. but can't fight a guy that doesn't want to fight. everybody saw what he is. i think there's a lot of integrity in this game. >> that's a hold m back moment. he's like i don't want any part >>ler even he talked a little bit. it's hockey you have an opportunity. >> what a move -- he's the one thated sta that junk anyway. >> okay. all right. >> we won, that's all that matters. >> thankou for joining us, nightly news starts in 60 seconds. fi no tighng.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. breaking news tonight. a flurry of details in the story of msing foundjayme closs alive three months after authorities say her parents were murdered and she wasdn apped and held captive in the woods. we hear from the woman who found her while walking her dog and the homeowner who called 911. >> we knew it was jayme immediately. >> police y her alleged captor was hunting for her when she s found. the moment 800,000 american families feared. many now being forced to work without pay in uding air traffic controllers now suing the trump administration. the president digging in, congress going me for the weekend. jetting out of rp aits where tsa workers


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